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20+ years experience



Feel like your company should be getting more ROI from your in-house or agency UX practice?

Recruiting a Design leadership role and want to feel certain you're making the right offer to the right person?

Need training or development of your junior Design leaders to maximize their growth potential?

Not ready to build a UX team but want to infuse UX best practices into your Product, Engineering, QA, or Marketing programs?

About Christiane

about christiane

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I am a UX strategy and research consultant with over 20 years of experience.


I have worked as an in-house design leader and an agency lead, and I am a former CEO of two different startups. I bring hands-on expertise and a whole lot of passion(!) to my consulting engagements and retainerships.


For startups or other companies with no or nascent UX programs:

  • I analyze product ideas and strategy for usability and market fit.

  • I help leadership plan and budget around UX team hiring and growth.

  • I evaluate job descriptions and evaluation rubrics for effectiveness.

  • I also support UX hiring by evaluating candidate applications and/or attending interviews.

For companies with emerging UX talent:

  • I uplevel programs and people, providing 1:1 or team training of designers, researchers and content strategists and their management.

  • I help inform product strategy and roadmap planning, infusing experience principles into top-line decision-making.

  • I attend, observe, advise on, or participate in any of the following: user research studies or other data-driven evaluations of your product; quarterly and annual roadmap planning; ideation sessions and workshops (remote or in-person); design reviews and presentations to leadership.


For enterprise clients with more mature UX practices: 

  • I assess UX program efficiency, helping you design measurement programs so that your company can easily respond to variable market conditions without sacrificing core UX principles.


"Christiane is fantastic. She was able to step right in and lead a strategic initiative day one. I know that my entire team enjoyed working with her and being able to tap into her expertise on a daily basis for anything from social to user experience to product development. She is extremely passionate, detail-oriented and a creative thinker which is a great blend for a digital strategist of her caliber. I'd highly recommend Christiane and look forward to working with her more in the future."


"Christiane was up to any challenge, able to get ramped up quickly, and deliver value immediately. Her marketing expertise, intellect and client rapport gave us a leg up in our client conversations and upsales efforts, and her clear senior-level leadership brought her from an initial consulting hire to a strategic partner in building the process we eventually established for project ongoing. Whether she has experience working in the industry you serve, or just brings to the table the technical expertise you seek, I would not hesitate to hire her as a strategic resource. She will propel your efforts forward dramatically."


"Christiane is a role model for entrepreneurs in every industry. I asked Christiane to speak at our first conference because of her story as a mother, an entrepreneur and a CEO of a company in a male-dominated industry. She captivated the audience. As a speaker, Christiane inspires without being preachy, she is witty, intelligent and she absolutely knows what she's talking about as a CEO and as a person who has overcome many obstacles. She's tough as nails, fun to work with, talented, and willing to take risks. I can't recommend her highly enough!"


"Christiane is an exceptional UX leader and dedicated to get teams success. She's driven not only by meeting her objectives, but has a genuine desire to empower and mentor her team to get results and exceed expectations. During the time we worked together at Schwab she built an energized collaborative environment that cross disciplines and broke silos. Christiane is a change agent and I still miss idea hunting and brainstorming with her."


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