"Christiane is fantastic. She was able to step right in and lead a strategic initiative for one of our largest tech clients from day one. I know that my entire team enjoyed working with her and being able to tap into her expertise on a daily basis for anything from social to user experience to product development. She is extremely passionate, detail-oriented and a creative thinker which is a great blend for a digital strategist of her caliber. I'd highly recommend Christiane and look forward to working with her more in the future."

Jon Sander

Director, Customer Engagement, Harte Hanks


"Christiane was up to any challenge we gave her. When joining our team working on a project for a large technology company, Christiane was able to get ramped up quickly, and deliver value immediately. Her marketing expertise, intellect and client rapport gave us a leg up in our client conversations and upsales efforts, and her clear senior-level leadership brought her from an initial consulting hire to a strategic partner in building the process we eventually established for project ongoing. Whether she has experience working in the industry you serve, or just brings to the table the technical expertise you seek, I would not hesitate to hire her as a strategic resource. She will propel your efforts forward dramatically."

Annie Hardy

Sr. Strategist, Harte Hanks

"Working with Christiane was a wonderful experience. Her knowledge about user experience and behavior helped us understand our user base and better align our development strategy with the user requirements and expectations. Her skills in user interface design made our front end more interactive and easy to use. On a personal level she is a great person and fun to hangout with. I still miss our afternoon coffee runs. As a developer with a no UI/UX experience, I have learned a lot from her. She will be a great value to a team with her skill set and UI/UX experience."

Neeraj Jadhav

Sr. Software Engineer, ThinkTech Labs


"Christiane is a one of a kind unicorn. She’s a UX master, UI visionary, human behavior specialist, and marketing researcher/strategic planner. The more you work with her, the higher your expectations are for the work she produces. Time and time again, she will exceed your expectations."

Rusty Valino

Sr. Software Engineer, ThinkTech Labs


"Christiane gave me my start in this field, and immediately spoiled me with clear product vision, expert client handling, and an understanding of the interaction between design, dev, and business that was far ahead of its time. She has the intelligence to understand the component parts of a complex project and to contribute when needed. She can plan and execute to a smooth roadmap, but when curve-balls are thrown, she adapts fast and drives, bringing the same energy and inspiration to plan B as plan A. All this and she is a fun and hilarious person. Id love to work with Christiane again."

Ryan Gossen

Sr. User Experience Designer, IBM


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